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The Story

Designer Gabriela Artigas finds beauty in the everyday and wonder in the familiar. Though she sources her gems from all over the world, the people and objects closest to her most often inspire her. You might regularly see her with her little miniature chihuahua Niña. Her jewelry is a natural extension of her life and personality -- both the process of creating the line and end product are the outcome of a whimsical nature, a warm-hearted curiosity, and a keen eye for style.

For Gabriela and Teresita Artigas, everything begins and ends with family. The Artigas sisters find joy and inspiration in the small details of everyday life: daily phone calls with their mother, who runs a national grief counseling organization in Mexico, dinner nights at their brother’s home while babysitting their  beloved nephew Oliver and niece Seneca. Growing up in Mexico City, The Artigas siblings (This also includes older brother Architect Alejandro Artigas, founder of Artless Corporation) found themselves surrounded by many socially diverse and vibrant cultures. As a result of their immersion in that massive, cosmopolitan population, the Artigas siblings developed a strong sense of compassion, humor, and humanity. Those traits, combined with their core values of collaboration, integrity and love clearly inflect every aspect of the jewelry line and business practice, which is based in Los Angeles.

Central to Gabriela’s design philosophy is the idea of contrasts -- molding a heavily rounded cuff to taper unexpectedly into sharp tusks, and enjoys wearing t-shirts practically with everything. This love of the unpredictable finds its source in fond memories of their grandmother, an elegant dresser who would punctuate her classic style with a deep green emerald beetle ring. The clean lines of the precious and semi-precious jewelry also evoke the work of their grandfather, Francisco Artigas, one of the most well known modernist architects of Mexico. Like his beautiful, thoughtfully designed buildings, Gabriela Artigas jewelry is created to stand the test of time.

In 2008, sales director Teresita Artigas came on board to assist with sales, press and operations. An energetic and passionate counterpart to Gabriela's more dreamy personality, Tere's background in grief and bereavement counseling gives her an ability to truly listen and connect with people. She is a natural born salesperson and enjoys the experience of helping someone find something they truly love.

Tere's contributions have helped the Gabriela Artigas jewelry line grow from a beloved local discovery to a globally admired brand. She believes that the purchase of jewelry is a personal, thrilling experience that should be treasured. Approaching life with an open heart, positive attitude and an easy laugh, Tere has been instrumental in developing the duo's custom jewelry business.

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