Gabriela Artigas Home For Spring

Home For Spring

Our favorite home goods to cheer and welcome Spring. Shop Here   Inspired by our classic rising shape, presenting our Double Beam updated with o...

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Ganriela Artigas Tusk Clasp

The Tusk Clasp

The first Gabriela Artigas & Company casted piece. Then, now, and forever a part of our story.   

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Gabriela Artigas Double Huggie

Double Hoop Huggie + More

Yes you're seeing double. Introducing our newest additions, the Double Hoop Huggie & Great Twisted Ear Cuff. Pair with these products to make h...

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Gabriela Artigas Collections


Happy Valentine's Day. Featuring the original Infinite Tusk collection. A perfect balance of elegance. These pieces can be worn with the opening f...

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Gabriela Artigas Collections

Inside The Studio

Step inside the creative haven of the Artigas sisters, where passion and craftsmanship seamlessly intersect. Shop Here From selecting the fine...

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Gabriela Artigas Rings Collection

A Winter Love Story

Each ring is meticulously crafted using only the finest materials and expert attention to detail, to create a moment  to cherish forever. Engagemen...

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Gabriela Artigas Collection

Love Season Is Here

Make a statement of love this Valentine's Day with our curated selection of  modern match ups. More Love Collections  

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Gabriela Artigas

It's Not Too Late!

Dear Gabriela Artigas For our clients who need some extra time this holiday, we would love to offer private appointments in our studio before the 2...

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