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Artículo: Designer Dialogue With La Garçonne

Designer Dialogue With La Garçonne

Designer Dialogue With La Garçonne

Heirloom-Worthy Finery

Gabriela and Teresita Artigas aren't just sisters - they're also the founders and designers behind their namesake line Gabriela Artigas. The jewelry range is equal parts minimal and bold, a style so universally appealing it caters to everyone regardless of the occasion, though they like to keep things simple. "For us, jewelry is a little bit more sculptural - it's an object that you can actually wear, see, and admire. We treat each jewelry piece as its own little sculpture, so that even when a piece isn't being worn - like our infinite tusk earrings - you can still see its finish, and it's really beautiful." With this in mind, the logical next step was to delve right into sculpture, of course. Now the Artigas sisters are expanding their offering into the home space with a debut object offering of oblong brass polished-gold paper weights. Handcrafted in California, each piece is cast from brass - and uniquely one of a kind. With satisfyingly smooth exteriors, each piece adds a hint of burnished glimmer to any desktop setting.


 You can read also it on their tumblr.