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Artículo: Meet The Designers: Interview For Kick Pleat

Meet The Designers: Interview For Kick Pleat

Meet The Designers: Interview For Kick Pleat

Who is the Gabriela Artigas Customer?

Anyone who has a sense of individuality and sensibility. Our customers know what they want and they respect the value of our pieces, designs and aesthetic. We are determined and confident with a big interest on design and we like to think we translate that through our pieces.

Where do you gather inspiration?

Our inspiration stems from an intangible moment. I gain inspiration from all the things that are around me that I am not consciously aware of. Inspiration for me means constantly growing and changing - it is a feeling rather than a specific moment.

What is your daily uniform?

G: Skirts and sneakers are a staple in my everyday wardrobe. I love wearing loose-fitting clothes but also like to dress it up sometimes with my favorite pair of loafers. White tops are an absolute must and also provide a great background for taking pictures of my jewelry.

T: Button downs and sneakers or babouches, I'm sill not used to this weather! For jewelry, I wear my pave infinite tusk earring, 3 ear cuffs which I stack and my pave cigar band ring everyday. I'll also wear our egg brooch on whatever light coat I leave home with.

 Describe the aesthetic of your home.

G: I have always loved mid-century modern houses and aesthetics. My brother is a furniture designer and his designs are very clean with a lot of solid wood. I don't have a lot of decorative pieces but there is a lot of art hanging on the walls.

T: Plants are a part of my living; I have a beautiful curly fig in the middle of my living room in a grainy white planter. It's an all white house with a royal blue door. Gaby and I love going vintage furniture shopping so over the years I've been buying mid-century furniture. There's a lot of walnut furniture, plenty of ferns, plants and all kind of ceramics. I have a small apartment, but I've become very good at organizing and making space...

What is your go to beauty product?

G: I have been using rose water everyday for the past 10 years of my life. I use it as a toner, makeup remover and moisturizer. I also love Korean beauty products.

T: Gaby got me into rose water so now I use it all the time. I try to do lipstick or lip moisturizer consistently. I really like Kosas. 

Where in Mexico are you from and how has the country and region inspired you?

G: I am grounded to my roots. I take the memories and culture with me everywhere. I love Mexico and it will always be my home.

T: Southern Mexico City, very close to the National University. The house that we grew up in was built on volcanic rocks, very organic, very natural. So maybe from there we learned to respect nature's order.

 What are you wearing from your collection right now?

G: Pave twin tusk ring in yellow, rising tusk ring in yellow, pave subtle cuff with white diamonds, pave cut out pedestal ring in rose gold, small balloon ring in yellow, lunula earrings in 14K white gold - flipped up.

T: Sterling egg brooch, twin and reloaded ear cuffs and the lunula choker in sterling. 

 How do you maintain balance in your life?

G: I recently started running again. I used to run in high school and I loved it so I'm hoping it sticks again. I love spending time with my friends and also getting lots of rest.

T: I work hard and rest harder! 

What is your ideal vacation spot?

G: For a winter vacation I would love to go somewhere cold and snowboard and for a summer vacation I would love to go to a lake.

T: The beach, but it has to be tropical with a hammock and just listen to the waves. I like very mellow places where the ocean is warm.


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