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Artículo: Summer Home - Objects to Indulge Indoors

Summer Home - Objects to Indulge Indoors

Summer Home - Objects to Indulge Indoors

We’ve always loved the beach, trips with the family to a coastal destination has always been  part of our lives.

Soon  Summer 2020 will be in full swing and we will be staying home.

This doesn't mean we can’t incorporate  some of the beachy indulgences at home,  indoors or out to the garden.


The Shell Catchall is something that Tere and I take out to the pool to hold our jewels.  Made from beautiful Capiz, this catchall is the perfect size and shape, slightly unique in details and natural imperfections, we know you will love it indoors and outdoors.

Another Object we decided to create this summer and share  with you  is the set of 

Two Linen Pillows

We take them out to cuddle by the pool or simply to rest our heads and look at the stars at night.

Mexican Linen has a long history in the world of textiles, thousands of years ago the fibers were originally made from Maguey, but through the years this evolvolved to the current linen, softer and luxurious to touch now made from Linaza or Flax Seed,this is one the  reasons why we decided to create them in such beautiful fabric. Proudly made in mexico.